I love Legos!

by Malka.

I love Legos a lot. I have a lot of them. I have made all kinds of houses and towns with my Legos. I enjoy building Legos and making the little figures live inside. I also like making tall towers and then breaking them. I like making Lego robbers rob the bank and the cops go and catch the robbers.

Legos are very useful for some people. Legos can be turned into robots using Lego Technic pieces. If you like making cakes, you may also use special Lego parts to build a mixer.

I love making cool designs with Lego wheels and making cool things. I have made remote control Legos with motors so the Legos could drive around the house. In my Lego city, there are shops and busy little figures shopping and running around. I also built a space camp with little campers and a space shuttle. My Lego NXT walks around the house and entertains my little sister. I love playing with my Lego power miners and my Lego rock monsters that run around in Lego underground.

If you look at my background, you will see a nice peaceful Lego town. All the Lego people are running around having fun! I'm sure you would love to do that with your Legos too!

Student at TeachMeProgramming.com, 8 years old, Israel, after 10 lessons
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