I love parrots

By Malka

Parrots are cute. But their personalities are very different from what you think. Some of them are really difficult. Here are things that some parrots do:

Aren't some parrots mean?

Some parrots know how to talk. Some of them know how to say "Hello" and "Pretty bird". Some parrots whistle. I found out that if you put a mirror in front of a parrot, the parrot starts squacking because he sees another parrot who looks exactly like him.

Some parrots are very good at tricks. They can ride on tricycles, walk on tight ropes, spin around a bar and walk sideways.

The picture and video are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.
Student at TeachMeProgramming.com, 9 years old, Israel, after 11 lessons
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