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Can Children learn HTML?

Can Children Learn HTML?Not only can children learn how to program, but learning web programming with HTML5 and CSS and following strict rules governed by XHTML is attainable.   If your child is comfortable with English, is confident in typing and savvy with the computer, then he/she is off to a great start!



HTML5 , Videos and OGG

HTML 5 web pageWhy HTML5?  Haven't we had a stable version of HTML for the last decade?  Well, we did, but like all technologies, we need to supply and demand based on the changing landscape of the future in Web computing.  HTML5 is the next standard for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is supposed to be more robust than its predecessor, HTML 4.01.



How to Embed Your Scratch Applet in HTML5

Scratch in HTML5 Even though there is a Scratch project website where the Scratch community uploads its projects, there is also an alternative method to embed Scratch within your own website.  Since TeachMeProgramming.com is also teaching HTML5, we are happy to show you how to embed your Scratch applet using HTML5.  Read on to find out more.



What should your first programming language be?

As a beginner who wants to dive into programming for the first time, one should consider a variety of factors before choosing one's first programming language.


Why Learn C?

Why Learn C?C is a very powerful language, however, there has not been much of a demand in the marketplace looking for C programmers.  Nevertheless, why should a computer scientist, information technologist, software engineer, programmer or student learn C?



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