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From Scratch to JAVA: Lesson 3

Comments in JavaLike in Scratch, "comment" blocks can be placed on to your Scratch project to document your Scratch blocks.  You will have a chance to do that too in Java, except that you will have to write your own comments at appropriate locations in your Java code.  Watch this video to learn more.



Object Oriented Programming - Inheritance

Object Oriented Programming - InheritanceBefore a student starts tackling object oriented programming, he should at least understand the basic concepts of the OO paradigm.  Here is a video tutorial that talks about inheritance.



From Scratch to JAVA: Lesson 1

From Scratch to JavaScratch users, if you are ready to write some real code after having programmed in high level Scratch blocks, here's a wonderful programming environment for you.  Let's tackle learning Java using Greenfoot, one step at a time, using your knowledge from Scratch as your guide.



Scratch Day 2010 in Rehovot, Israel

Scratch Day 2010 IsraelThe Scratch Programming Environment is a great place to begin learning how to program for children starting from elementary school.  As it has gained popularity among its global community, Scratch Day events are also held all over the world.  One in particular was held recently at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.


Teach Me Java for Scratch Graduates

Greenfoot and JavaIf you have been a faithful Scratch programmer, and are now ready to tackle some serious Java programming, try Greenfoot.  It is a perfect transition for Scratch programmers as you apply the concepts you learned in Scratch and attempt to implement the underlying Scratch blocks in real Java.


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