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How to Embed Your Scratch Applet in HTML5

Scratch in HTML5 Even though there is a Scratch project website where the Scratch community uploads its projects, there is also an alternative method to embed Scratch within your own website.  Since TeachMeProgramming.com is also teaching HTML5, we are happy to show you how to embed your Scratch applet using HTML5.  Read on to find out more.



Teach Me Scratch for Kids (Intro)

Teach Me Scratch for KidsScratch is the hottest programming environment for children who want to learn how to program and for adults who are using Scratch to teach programming to children.  Scratch is an invention from MIT and has attracted 1/2 million registered users in the Scratch community, creating and sharing their animations with the world.

Schools have incorporated Scratch into their computer science curriculum and graduate students are using Scratch as their research and teaching platforms.

TeachMeProgramming.com has found very good resources for teaching Scratch.  Here is a quality video that introduces the basic concepts of Scratch to you.


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